The Death of A Saint is Precious

March 5, 1997 was the morning my 87 year old Dad woke up in heaven, after living a full life rearing 4 kids (2+2) split by 17 years and the results of a World War. But the last two kids saw their parents IN church every week NOT just dropped off by them.

I’m so happy to know he died in his sleep also. He loved and dwelt with his wife, my mother, “according to knowledge” and we saw it as his heritage!

Making happy marriages is hard work demanding patience and perseverance. Well done, dad, your 21 years in heaven now have only begun your eternal inheritance!


1978 – (Mother’s Brother) William McElfresh Burial Site with Gary




James Edwin + Jane Iola married 1932

1989 in Lakewood, Colorado

Jim Jane Bill Janice Gary Pat

1956, Lakewood Colorado “Ritchie Photography”


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